Wireless intelligent electric pulse neck cervical spine massager


  • Size: 5.59”X 5.7” x 1.77”; product details: stainless steel electorate sheet, 3D circular elastic arm and micro surface design; Color options: pearl White, Deep Sea blue, cherry Pink
  • Infrared light heating: around 107.3 ℉constant temperature for muscle tension relaxation; heating temperance: from 100.4 ℉ to 107.3 ℉
  • Ergonomic design conforms to the curve of human neck; 4 point fit & Ergonomic design: fit The neck in all directions, comfortable to wear and more satisfying
  • Pulse massage: 5 pulse modes including tapping, scraping, acupuncture, kneading and free combination; 16 levels of intensity adjustment: level 1-5 comfortable for neck relaxation;
  • Quick charging, ultra long run time: 1.5 hours charge & 1200mAh lithium batter; working duration time: 15 minutes timer


*Smart neck massag

er can relieve your neck pain intelligently: it uses pulse electric frequency transmitted to deep tissues and muscles.

*Weighs only 220g. With 4D suspension cordless design, the electrodes adjust to the angle of your neck with no bound feelings.
*Built up with 6 modes and 9-level intensity to satisfy your multiple massage demands.
*Quick Relief Neck Discomfort,Updated with the new PET rapid heating technology and programs, provided adjustable-temperature warm compress, which can adjust the temperature precisely and delivery the most comfortable massage experience.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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